Fitbit Surge Review – In Need of an Update

The Fitbit Surge offers many as it is one of the first wearable techs that does include an all-day fitness tracking feature, while still being able to deliver basic smartwatch functionalities such as GPS and notifications from apps. However, there has been quite a bit of change ever since it has been released back in 2014. Since then, competition has been fierce for the wearable tech sector, and it seems that there are even some rivals that have already surpassed Fitbit’s contender.

Fitbit Surge Review - In Need of an Update

The Fitbit Surge is Getting Beaten by Competitors

Modern-day technology has been great for wearable devices as we are now graced with the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear Fit 2, and many other Android Wear devices; therefore, where does the Fitbit Surge find a place in all of this rivalry? At its price point, the Surge is still a good buy for fitness-centric individuals. This is still a primary choice for many because of its superior software offerings as it is one of the most functional and the simplest to use out there. Furthermore, it has one of the largest social base and it can synch with a good variety of other services.

But if you are the type of individual that wants to get the most out of your exercise regimens, then the Fitbit Surge tracker might be your primary choice. However, do note that it is bigger, and even bulkier than other wearable devices out there. In fact, calling it “large” might be an understatement.

It has a display that is of the grayscale touchscreen variety. While it is completely dull to look at, and it is also quite difficult to see outdoors, but it does bring you an always on function which does balance out the caveats to a degree.

With its larger design, it also means that it does come with a larger battery. Hence, the battery life is rated to last up to seven days, or up to 10-hours when you continuously use the active GPS signal. But it is quite sad to know that this fitness tracker is not for swimmers since the unit is not waterproof. In fact, the company does not recommend you to wear it when swimming or showering.

Even though the Fitbit Surge is in dire need of an update as the design feels quite dated and the size is not for really small wrists, it does offer a pretty solid variety of features to make sure that you get informed with the right data for your fitness routines.


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