Fitbit Surge Review – The Fitness Superwatch

Fitbit is now known to be one of the leading brands in the fitness tracking category; with popular products such as the Flex, which deemed as the mother of all Fitbit devices, then perhaps the Fitbit Surge is its baby clad in superpowers. The Surge has been released into the market for quite some time already, but it is still considered to be one of the fitness trackers-slash-smartwatches to beat. It is also slightly cheaper than the company’s own Blaze which immediately makes the Surge to be a famous alternative. It also comes with a list of powerful features, but the question is, is it worth all that money?

Fitbit Surge Review - The Fitness Superwatch

The Fitbit Surge is a High-End Smartwatch Filled With Powerful Features

The Fitbit Surge is deemed as a fitness “superwatch,” and it will track all the things that you would expect from the company’s line of fitness tracking devices. It will track sleep, calories, steps, as well as overall activity. It also improves on the company’s other models by offering a continuous heart-rate monitoring system, as well as a built-in GPS.

But even though it is billed as such, this is no smartwatch, as that is the domain being held by the new Fitbit Blaze. Why? For one, there are no third-party apps available for the Surge, and getting notifications from a connected device are of the limited sort. It is best to think about this as a more powerful version of the Charge HR. It does have a few more features that join in on the mix, along as it has an always-on watch face. However, in terms of being a “smartwatch” it comes with less features than most other functional wearable devices.

What the Surge does have is that it is packed with the necessary functions and sensors that you would expect from the firm’s older models, but built into a slightly chunkier device. But unlike it’s lesser priced siblings, this one comes built with functionalities for the sports-centric individual. There are the aforementioned GPS and heart-rate monitors, which makes it the ideal partner for hitting the gym, hiking, or jogging around town. It can also track specific exercise regimens such as yoga, cross training, weight lifting, and other general workout sessions.

So is it recommended to buy the Fitbit Surge? It depends. If you’re on the lookout for a simple smartwatch that would give you notifications from time-to-time from a connected smartwatch, then this device is not the one for you. However, if you’re the fitness buff that wants to have a durable wearable device that can practically track your every move, then this might be the device for you.


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Fitbit Surge Review – The Fitness Superwatch
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