Fleksy – Minimalistic Typing at its Finest

The thing about smartphones today is the fact that most-if not all of them have touchscreens with no physical keyboard to offer excellent tactile feedback when you’re trying to type something; most apps try to mimic the tactile feedback but still can’t replace the physical keys’ “presence” but Fleksy goes the other way around as if reinventing the keyboard. Instead of mimicking the feel of keyboards, this clever keyboard makes the most of the capabilities of the touch interface by using gestures and super smart word prediction to make typing more efficient.

Fleksy - Minimalistic Typing at its Finest

Fleksy Feels More Natural to Use

You won’t find the popular trace the keys or swipe gesture in Fleksy, opting instead for the traditional tap the letters but the big advantage is how minimalistic its UI is, the keyboard maximizes the space for letters and important stuff  therefore making elements bigger and easier to type on reducing errors and increasing typing speed. For the keyboard’s main app, the app allows you to change themes (including making your own theme), extension, and the style of the keyboard such as opting for a spacebar or maximizing space by omitting it from the UI and relying on gestures for spaces instead. For the keyboard itself, the UI is clean and straightforward; you are presented with only letters where an alt button would bring up numbers and symbols. On the top row is where the word prediction suggestions show up as well as a shortcut for the extensions.

As for features, the keyboard has several extensions such as a gif keyboard, shortcuts for abbreviations, various effect options, and even to turn the whole keyboard invisible once you’re used to using it, you can use the keyboard without even looking at it, it’s that smart and natural to type on. Advanced settings of Fleksy for iOS and Android include a flexible self-learning dictionary, various downloadable languages, autocorrect with punctuation, smart spacing, as well as tactile and aural feedback. Compared to other keyboards, this keyboard makes typing feel natural, and maximizes space by using gestures such as swiping right for space, left for backspace, up for manually adding to dictionary, and down for using the autocorrected word in case of typos. The gestures makes typing less of a hassle especially on devices with smaller screens.

Fleksy may require a learning curve especially if your brain is already used to using keyboards with a swipe functionality and finding it awkward to use when you want to type a word and not be able to slide on the letters you want. If you want to give it a chance to rewire your brain into using it, you’ll find that it’s very efficient and is better at preserving screen space than other popular keyboards available.


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Fleksy – Minimalistic Typing at its Finest
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