Flex Tape Review

Flex Tape Review

This product is completely waterproof and strong meaning you can use it for both indoor and outdoor jobs. It comes in two colors white and black and in three different width choices too. Flex tape is environmentally friendly and can also be used in extreme weather conditions.

Flex Tape

It can be used to repair, seal, bond, and patch most things. Flex tape can be useful for fixing many materials including wood, metal, plaster, stone, plastic and rubber. This can be applied to surfaces that are hot or cold. Using this should not be considered a long-term option. This tape whilst it is good for many surfaces should not be used where there is grease, dirt or oil as this will affect its adhesive properties. It varies in price depending on the width you choose but the price starts from $19.99 – 49.99. You will get a 30-day refund policy so you can return it if you are not happy. There is also a shipping and handling charge to pay on top of the price.

Using the tape is very easy, it is recommended that you only cut what you need with scissors or similar as it is so strong you may find using your hands does not work. Once you have placed it where you want it to be it will probably be difficult to remove so you should ensure that you put it in the exact place. You won’t even have to drain anything that has water in it if you use this tape, as it can be put even when water is present and will still seal watertight.

Flex tape is a relatively new product and although expensive seems to have potential to cover a lot of uses around the home and outside. It is strong so can be used for a variety of jobs and will not be reusable. Due to its width, it will not be suitable for the repair of smaller objects.


Where to buy Flex Tape?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Flex Tape online.

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