Focal Dimension Review – Impressive Sound Despite Some Limitations

The Focal Dimension does come from an audio device manufacturer, but it is quite late to enter the soundbar sector. Nevertheless, this is a unit that is definitely worth the wait. For starters, it is quite the looker; the body is a minimalist’s dream, and it has piano black accents along with an aluminum unibody construction that is a marvel to gaze upon. This is a solid choice that puts fashion and functionality into one.

Focal Dimension Review - Impressive Sound Despite Some Limitations

The Focal Dimension is Definitely Worth the Wait

The Focal Dimension offers an audio experience that is wonderfully-balanced, but it does have limited imaging. For instance, if you’re watching certain movies, such as Casino Royale, you will be able to hear the gunfire and the roar of the engines during the car chase scenes all around the room, but the effect is more like a stereo speaker setup than what you would get from a true surround sound experience. However, it does not mean that the device does not get points for trying as it tries to overcome its limitations of being unable to pack in a true surround sound experience with its rather small form factor.

When you purchase a good pair of bookshelf or floor standing speakers that are appropriately placed apart, then you will get the same, or perhaps a very similar audio experience like the one that you can get with the Dimension soundbar. However, the design of this particular unit requires more space and hardware, such as an amp and a receiver.

Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a compact audio solution that you won’t be disappointed for the price that you have to pay to get it, then this is still a pretty solid choice. One of the better aspects about its audio performance is the bass response. It will be able to punch harder than what you would normally get from traditional speakers, and this kind of experience is even surprising especially when you denote its rather compact nature.

While it does look good in just about every way, the largest drawback of the Focal Dimension is still that of its design. Its shape of the soundbar and the subwoofer means that you would need to plan out how the system would fit into your home theater setup. All of the ports and switches are located on the rear of the device, which makes it very difficult, and sometimes even impossible to access depending on the setup of your home theater system.


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Focal Dimension Review – Impressive Sound Despite Some Limitations
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