Focal Listen Review – Audio Fit for Audiophiles

There are those who might have not heard about the Focal Listen (no pun intended), and you might not have even heard about the French company that made the headphone. However, do note that the manufacturer makes some very good-sounding headphones, and that aspect is still being portrayed with this particular offering. This is a full-sized headphone, and it is designed for mobile use. It is because it will work with just about any smartphone of today. It also has a one-button remote and microphone, which is integrated right into the cord. Speaking of the cord, it is detachable should you want to go wireless.

Focal Listen Review - Audio Fit for Audiophiles

The Focal Listen is Beautiful From the Inside-Out

The Focal Listen has a very minimalistic approach with regards to its design. In fact, there are no volume controls found on the headset itself. It is likeable, on the other hand, that the company separated the microphone from the one-button remote. The mic in question sits lower down the cord and is still quite easy to access. However, this only means that you will not be able to talk to someone on the phone when the cord is removed from the main unit.

Even though the Listen has a design that might not appeal to everyone, the materials chosen in the creation of this particular headphone makes for a comfortable experience. It feels really nice while still being sturdily built. However, it is not the lightest headphone on the planet as it weighs 9.9-ounces (or 281-grams). Which does mean that you might be feeling that weight over time, especially when doing long hours of listening.

When it comes to its audio experience, the sound is just right for the price. You might even say that it’s a really good headphone for the cash that you have to spend in order to acquire it. Still, there are better headphones on the market, but this is still one of the best that you can get at its price class. The audio quality is great enough that you no longer need an amp to boost the audio profiles a notch (albeit it will make the sound performance better if you do).

Overall, the Focal Listen is an excellent headphone for the price. However, it is still not for everyone, especially when you have really sensitive hearing. Nevertheless, for the price, it does perform really well. It is even found in quite the reasonable price point so you wouldn’t have to break the bank just for you to get it.


Where to buy Focal Listen?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Focal Listen online.

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Focal Listen Review – Audio Fit for Audiophiles
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