Foobot Review – Great Monitoring With Connected Features

If you’re ever concerned about the air quality of your home, then perhaps you might want to check out the Foobot. With its name, you can be forgiven if you initially thought it was some kind of robot. However, this is an air quality monitor that you place inside your home. So what can this device do (besides obviously checking for indoor air quality)? In a nutshell, it will bring air quality into two major categories, them being particulate matter detected in the air (PM2.5) and volatile organic compounds detected in the air. What separates this indoor air quality monitor from the rest is its connected features as it can work with other smart devices such as the Amazon Echo and the Nest Thermostat. It can even work with IFTTT.

Foobot Review - Great Monitoring With Connected Features

The Foobot Can Work Together With the Nest Thermostat and the Amazon Echo

So what do you get inside the standard packaging of the Foobot? You will get the device itself, an AC adapter for power, an owner’s manual, and a quick start guide. There are no other things or peripherals to worry about at this point. The monitor is primarily made out of ABS plastic, so it’s not the best in terms of build quality, but it does promote a decent level of sturdiness, nonetheless. As for the dimensions, the monitor measures in at 17 x 7.7-centimeters for its height and diameter. The unit is also quite lightweight as it weighs only 475-grams.

One caveat is that the included cable only measures in at 1.3-meters, which means the Foobot Air Quality Monitor needs to be pretty close to a wall socket, otherwise you’re going to have a bit of trouble making it work. The accompanying app works with iOS 7 and above, and Android 4 and above.A detail that should be noted that the device only connects to a 2.4GHz wireless band. So if your wireless router has a 5GHz band on it, do take note that it can’t work on that signal.

Ultimately, the Foobot works like it is intended to work, and it even has LEDs that will give you a quick look at the indoor air quality without having to rely on the app too much. It is a great tool for letting you be informed about elevated levels of volatile organic compounds or particulate matter in the air. This is a great device to have at home or office if you’re very particular about indoor air quality.


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Foobot Review – Great Monitoring With Connected Features
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