Ford – New Technology to Increase Car Sales, Report

There will be massive changes in technology pertaining to the car industry, and Ford is taking the news to be music to its ears. Why? Because it means higher car sales; this was the message from Mark Fields, Chief Executive Officer, who told the attendees of the Code conference as more and more autonomous vehicles are entering the market. Therefore, the reliance of being driven around by ride-hailing companies, such as Lyft abd Uber, provides great opportunities for the known automaker.

Ford – New Technology to Increase Car Sales, Report

The Reliance of Self-Driving Vehicles is Music to Ford’s Ears

The Ford CEO told the following to the attendees of the event: “When something becomes more available, at a lower cost, people will use it more often,” said Fields. These cars will rack up more miles, need to be serviced more often, and will need to be replaced more often than cars currently sold to consumers. We are going through one of the most important inflection points in our history, from an auto company to an auto and mobility company.”

To recall, Fields has, in the past, forecasted that the company would have a direct competitor pertaining to electronic vehicles. Its rivals now include Tesla and Chevrolet. The CEO also said recently that the automaker was at work with a particular model which can dish out 200-miles of range, which is just like the Tesla models and the battery-powered vehicles from General Motors.

Speaking of General Motors, it has maintained its market-share lead of 17.6-percent, according to reports from Autodata, of which tracks the sales from the automobile industry. Ford Motor Co. only took the second spot with 15-percent, and Toyota came in third with 14.4-percent.

The car manufacturer recently introduced its new Escape vehicle, which is a compact SV that is now packed with a list of driver-assist technologies. These features include the ability for drivers to be assisted while they perpendicular park the car. To recall, earlier this year, the automaker decided to triple the number of their driverless test vehicles. These put 30 roads and tracks within Arizona, Michigan, and California.

During the Code conference, interviewer Kara Swisher inquired to the Ford CEO to describe what cars would look like in 25 years’ time. Very differently, Fields stated the following: “They will have advanced driverless and full autonomous features.” The cars will be created by different engineers as they work on specific areas. However, in the future, “we’ll be creating the experience first.”


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