Fossil Q Founder Review – Fashion Over Functionality

Smartwatches are known to vie for the fashion and tech space through a single gadget, and the Fossil Q Founder is one of those devices. The challenge with smartwatch manufacturers is to balance out both the fashion and functional qualities of the wearable device. However, there are those that tips the balance in either the fashion or the functional aspect, especially when talking about the Q Founder.

Fossil Q Founder Review - Fashion Over Functionality

You Wouldn’t Mind Wearing the Fossil Q Founder Outdoors

Even though the Fossil Q Founder will be one of your favorite Android Wears to wear on your wrist while you’re out and about around town, perhaps its strongest aspect is that it looks good. But when asked about its more functional elements, well, there’s not much on offer. It does not have a wide range of ground-breaking features, and the strap is just something from the ordinary. Also, the software does have its glitches and niggles from time-to-time, which can make for quite an annoyance. So why bother getting it? Because it’s the type of fashion statement that you might want to have on your wrist. In other words, it looks that good.

With that much of a fashion statement, you would immediately think that the smartwatch is placed in the high-end category. However, and in truth, it is quite reasonably priced. So if you’re planning to get this watch because it looks good, then make sure that you also prepare yourself as the overall experience is not perfect.

For its exterior design, the Fossil Q Founder smartwatch looks and feels just like your high-end timepiece that you can wear on your wrist. For its body, it caters to a large portion of the entire weight of the device. Also, it will feel heavier on your wrist as compared to other Android smartwatches on the market. Still, the weight is not much of an issue as you will get used to it overtime.

But when it comes to the tech inside this, well, wearable tech, the Q Founder falls short in this regard. First of all, it does not have a heart-rate sensor, which is now quite common to see for smartwatches placed in the same price class. It does have an ambient sensor that does work like a charm, but it’s not the prettiest looking effect that you can see in today’s market.

The display on the Fossil Q Founder is a 360 x 325-pixel resolution screen, which is quite decent, but it’s nothing to write home about. Using it is fluid enough, primarily because of its Intel chip and 1GB of RAM. But the real issues with regards to its features is with the software itself. It does contain quite a bit of bugs which users might find to be an annoyance from time-to-time.


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Fossil Q Founder Review – Fashion Over Functionality
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