Fossil Q Marshal Review – When Durability Meets Style

The Fossil Q Marshal is one of two variants of Android Wear smartwatches that have been launched by the company during IFA 2016. It is able to deliver a stylish while rigged design, and the combination of these two properties actually make it one of the best-looking wearable techs that you can find on the market as of late. It is found in a rather suitable price point, especially when you consider its design, build quality, performance, and features. For those who don’t mind to spend a bit extra, you can opt for leather or stainless steel straps to replace the silicone band that comes with the standard packaging.

Fossil Q Marshal Review – When Durability Meets Style

The Fossil Q Marshal is Easily One of the Best-Looking Smartwatches as of Late

The other product that joins the Fossil Q Marshal is the Q Wander, and that smartwatch is primarily aimed at females. However, the company does still stress that it is still a product that can be worn by males as well. The Marshal, on the other hand, has a more “brutish” design as the firm decided to give the wearable a more masculine look. It also has more bulk than the Q Wander, which does mean that it takes up more space on your wrist.

There is a rather chunky bezel around the circular watch face of the Q Marshal, and it does look like the bezel can rotate at first glance, just like the bezel found on the Samsung Gear S3 Classic. However, it does not, and you can’t even spin the crown either. Therefore, the design of the smartwatch resembles more that of a traditional timepiece, in which you would either love or hate that aspect.

Perhaps the main aspect to like about this particular Android Wear device is that it looks and feels like a solidly built smartwatch, and for the most part it is. It has a generous depth that is similar to your traditional wristwatch. When people look at it on your wrist, they might immediately mistake it for just any old watch, well, that is until the backlight will spring the timepiece into life.

The screen on the Fossil Q Marshal is bright as it is very clear. When you look underneath the device, you will be able to see the plastic rear that will sit on your skin. While there is no heart-rate monitor to be found, the smartwatch is water resistant, which means you can even bring it inside the shower if you desire. Those looking for style in a ruggedly built smartwatch  should not miss out in checking out this beauty.


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