FPS Fans Will Marvel Over Star Wars Battlefront

DICE, the developers behind Star Wars Batllefront, stated that the game prioritizes frame rate over resolution. This is in wake of the recent criticism about the game’s frame rate and resolution. Johan Andersson, technical director, says that the sci-fi shooter will achieve the best possible overall experience when the videogame will prioritize frame rate over resolution.

FPS Fans Will Marvel Over Star Wars Battlefront

The criticisms were about how the Battlefront Beta only ran at 900p on a PlayStation 4 console and only 720p on the Xbox One, in which it did not make full use of the hardware’s capabilities of delivering rich 1080p image quality. Andersson said that while frame rate and fidelity is indeed king, they did not want to sacrifice those aspects over better graphical resolution. It is a choice that each game team does.


Star Wars Battlefront Lowers Resolution to Beef Up Frame Rate

In a technical analysis concerning the Star Wars Battlefront game and its beta release has revealed that the PS4 and Xbox One version are able to target 60 frames-per-second. However, this targeted frame rate can drop at during some intense encounters, especially when there are a lot of on-screen elements.

The beta for the Star Wars Battlefront game has just been recently released to the public and can be downloaded for free. The game includes a Survival Mission mode, as well as Drop Zone modes and the 40-player Walker Assault. As an added bonus, beta players are able to check out and enjoy the Battlefront companion experience (available on its website) to earn items when the main game gets released. The PC edition requires 11GB of storage to be downloaded and installed. There are also PS4 and Xbox One versions available for download.

This videogame is one of the first titles in a 10-year-long tie-in between EA and Disney. It offers a huge 40-person multiplayer mode that can be played across 12 maps. More maps will be available after the game’s beta version.

There are still no campaign modes as of the moment, but there is a single-player ‘Mission’ mode that will let players train X-wings and speeder bikes, or survive against waves upon waves of enemies, or even play as the iconic Luke Skywalker or the Sith Lord that is Darth Vader against teams of enemies.

The beta of Star Wars Battlefront can be downloaded from PSN, Xbox Live, and Origin. There are already over 9-million players trying out the beta release, making it the company’s most popular beta ever.


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