Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria Review – A Different Take in Design

One look at the Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria and you would immediately know that this is no ordinary speaker. To start, it is built for the high-end market. It offers luxurious looks and a striking design that might even garner looks more than your lovely couch. It exteriors are that premium-looking that it’s no wonder the device has been welcomed into the Apple Store Catalogue.

Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria Review - A Different Take in Design

The Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria Can Make Your Wallet Cry

Once you take the Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria out of its standard packaging, you will immediately know why it is hailed as one of the more striking speakers you can purchase today. Its exteriors are something akin to that of a wallflower. It is the speaker equivalent of Eero Aarnio’s Iconic Ball Chair that was released back in 1963. The ball part here is not attached to the base, as it is a ring of vibration that absorbs foam and acrylic.

The device is large enough to be carried under your arm like a big, and very expensive bowling ball. There is also a separate base that allows users to angle the shiny face to the best position fit for any room.

What immediately sets the speakers apart from its rivals is its eye-catching grille design, and it is the only part of the Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria speaker‘s exterior design that’s metal. As for the actual “ball,” it is made out of high-gloss piano-black plastic. In terms of its overall design, it simply looks fantastic. It screams “look at me” when talking a gander at it in every angle imaginable.

But the design can be toned down a bit if it’s too much for you. Its silver grille is held in place by magnets which sits atop a much plainer-looking fabric grille. Remove that silver piece and the Aria will blend in a bit more with the room’s design. You can even remove the fabric grille if you want, but the drivers won’t make the unit look as pretty.

In terms of sound quality, the Francesco Pellisari Zemi Aria does not stray away much from offering a traditional audio profile. While today’s trend has wireless speakers that offer a slew of drivers along with passive radiators, this one is a more casual offering. There’s just one large driver found in the middle, along with a pair of tweeters that are angled downwards. At moderate volumes, it does sound great. It can achieve louder volumes, but it creates an extra mid-bass that can obscure the texture to some vocals.


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