Free Music for SoundCloud® – Free Music App review

When you’re browsing through the hundreds (or it could even be thousands) of music players apps within Google Play, an mobile application with a name like Free Music for SoundCloud® might want you to just scroll on by without paying it any heed. However, it might be to your best interest to check this particular music player app out. Why? Well, for starters, it’s free. But aside from it costs absolutely nothing for you to download and install it, you can discover more great music and audio found in the popular music streaming platform, SoundCloud. The user-interface is simple to use, which makes rummaging through the thousands of audio files found within the audio streaming platform now an easier task to handle.

Free Music for SoundCloud® - Free Music App review

Free Music for SoundCloud® Lets You Discover Music Easier

So what are the key features found in Free Music for SoundCloud®? You can search and find music and song tracks found in SoundCloud, and it’s absolutely free-of-charge when you’re doing this. You can also explore music online within preset audio categories (again, completely free). Aside from these, you can also manage your favorite songs and music, manage local playlists, share tracks and songs to your favorite social networking platforms, play audio from the background, shuffle and repeat tracks, and play songs right from your local library.

But before any type of confusion may arise, do note that the Free Music for SoundCloud® app is not a mobile application for you to be able to download music from SoundCloud. In other words, you are only allowed to stream music from said platform. If you’re looking for an app that can download audio off from the Internet, then it is best to turn your efforts somewhere else.

Once that has been cleared, do note that what you’re going to get from this particular music-playing app is that its user-interface is pretty simple to follow-through. In fact, once you open the app, you would immediately find the things that you’re probably searching for. You can even save your favorite songs into a playlist so that you don’t have to go searching for them all over again, even though that it is still a relatively easy task to handle for the app.

Finding your favorite songs and discovering new favorites can easily be done with Free Music for SoundCloud®. In fact, you might not want to look at other music streaming apps again, well, that is if you’re also a fan of Spotify, because that’s an entirely different source of audio and music.


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