Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. – Free Music App Review

The Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. joins the ranks of generic-named free music and audio playing apps that you can download and install into your mobile device. But what immediately separates this app from the many others is that it can play music AND videos straight from YouTube. But before anything else, do take note this is not a video or mp3 downloader app, so if you’re looking for such, then it might be best to turn your efforts somewhere else.

Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. - Free Music App Review

The Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. Lets You Play Videos and Audio Coming From YouTube

What are the key features that you get when taking advantage of the Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. mobile app? Aside from the fact that you can play from YouTube as a source, you can also get an instant and automatic playlist that are personalized for you based on your Facebook Likes and Shares. Furthermore, you can also discover, play, and even subscribe to the top playlists being listened by your Facebook friends. You can also play music and videos non-stop, so you don’t have to continuously search for more audio to listen to when a playlist runs out. And as an added bonus, you can also synchronize all of your playlists throughout all of your devices.

With this one app, you might no longer want to rely on other apps such as YouTube, or other music and video playing apps. With the Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. app alone, you can save precious RAM and storage space within your mobile device, which is great for those models that have rather limited built-in storage capacities.

Aside from being a third-party player to play videos from YouTube, it comes with none of the ads. In other words, what you play is only what you’re going to get. Videos won’t suddenly stop in-between just to show you an advert about a shampoo or something else. What you get is pure, undisturbed video-playing bliss. In fact, there are even some audio coming from YouTube that does get enhanced by the app, so you get more out of it.

And perhaps the best thing about the Free Music Player by MixerBox© Inc. is it is completely free-of-charge (which is unsurprisingly obvious because it says so in its name). So why not give it a try and download this app today? There’s practically nothing to lose if you download and install it.


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