Fujifilm X70 Review – Pocket-Friendly AND Stylish

The Fujifilm X70 is the smaller sibling to the well-received X100T from the same company. This time around, it fits an APS-C sensor in a more pocket-friendly package, and a prettier one to boot. The camera has all the manual controls that you would want in a compact-sized device, as well as the raw format shooting that you would come to expect from the company’s line of X cameras. This particular unit is great for those that do not have the budget to spend on the pricier X100T. But of course, it does come with some tradeoffs. For instance, there’s no viewfinder on-board, and the built-in 28-millimeter wide-angle lens won’t be favored by everyone.

Fujifilm X70 Review - Pocket-Friendly AND Stylish

The Fujifilm X70 is a More Reasonably-Priced Alternative to the X100T

Right off the bat, the Fujifilm X70 takes design cues from the X100T, but shrank them down while tweaking it to make for a more compact package. This results in a different approach in terms of style as it does not have quite the retro look that is found in Fujifilm’s line of X cameras. Nevertheless, it still remains a sleek device, and now that you can easily place inside your pocket.

As mentioned earlier, the X70 now has a simpler design, and this design choice makes it easier for users to access most of the settings for the camera. You will find the aperture dial found at the lens of the camera, and this is something that traditional photographers would come to know and love. What’s not to love, however, is that because the lens is flat, it is quite difficult to change the aperture with the use of the ring, especially if you have fairly large fingers. The difficulty grows when you have to do manual focusing. It does take quite a bit of practice to get it right.

Since there’s no viewfinder on this camera, to set the auto-focus point, you can use the touch capacitive screen found at the rear. You just have to tap on the selected area where the point is located. You can also even set the camera to take the shot by touching the screen. You can also turn off the touch sensitivity off altogether, if you so desire.

Overall speeds for the Fujifilm X70 is good enough and it is pretty decent from the moment you turn the device on to the auto-focusing system kicking in. When it comes to images, they come out bright with a satisfying level of contrast in them. The level of detail in each shot is also impressive, and even when taking images with higher ISOs still show a decent amount of detail without too much noise in them. However, do take note that even though this camera is the cheaper option, it is by no means a low-cost device.


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