FurniQi Table Charges Your Phone, Without a Cable

Wireless charging technology brings in a new player into the mix with the FurniQi Table. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary table with nothing special about it except a furniture to place your stuff onto it. Owners can even place stuff on it like an elegant plant or they could even place it in a corner of the room. But what’s special about it is when users place their mobile device onto it, the gadget will charge its battery.

FurniQi Table Charges Your Phone, Without a Cable

The FurniQi Table has Wireless Charging Magic

All you need to do with the FurniQi Table is drop your phone onto the surface and it will charge. No complicated setups or installation procedures, it is as simple as it can get. The table is able to work with a slew of mobile devices, including smartphones, mobile tablets, smartwatches, and even wireless gaming controllers.

The FurniQi Wireless Charging Table is made of Mao Zhu Bamboo. It is a very versatile, sustainable, and durable material. Since it is made with a minimalistic yet classical design, its look will be able to fit absolutely anywhere around the house without worry about clashing with the interiors or with other furniture.

This “magic table” comes with a standard caramel-colored USB cable (which, by the way, matches the look of the table). Users can plug the USB cable to a wall adapter (or other power sources) to generate the power needed to charge mobile devices.

This technologically-refined table is also resistant to daily mishaps. Users need not worry if they accidentally spilled water all over the table as they could just wipe it off with a clean cloth. Afterwards, they can just place their mobile phone or other device on the table to begin charging once more. It is a hassle-free, durable piece of furniture with wireless charging capabilities.

Other than the main wireless charging feature, the table also has an optional audible notification and a laser-cut impression that will indicate the charging spot. Hence, users are able to use the furniture’s capabilities even when the lights are turned off.

It is also an immense breeze to assemble. No rocket-science degree or anything of the like to assemble the table. You can have it ready and charging in a span of a few minutes.

The FurniQu Table is now accepting backers over at their Indiegogo crowdfunding page. It is also already compatible with a lot of mobile phones, including the Motorola Google Nexus 6, Apple iPhone 5 and 5S, and the LG G4.


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FurniQi Table Charges Your Phone, Without a Cable
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