Garmin – Introduces the VIRB Ultra 30 4K Action Camera

Garmin, the New Zealand-based company known for their devices centered around navigation, has just announced their newest item to join the ranks of their product line – the VIRB Ultra 30. It is a waterproof action camera that has the capability of shooting UHD resolution footage at 30-frames-per-second. It is also lightweight and quite compact, even for action camera standards. Even though it is quite small, it is also ruggedly built, and comes with built-in features for users to test how durable it really is.

Garmin - Introduces the VIRB Ultra 30 4K Action Camera

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Lets Users Record Their Various Adventure in 4K

This new 4K action camera from Garmin makes use of high precision sensors to record videos. And what would be a device made by the company if it does not have navigation-based features, and in this case, the VIRB Ultra 30 has GPS built into it that goes with its mix of features. With the GPS functionality, it will able to record how high, as well as how fast users would record their adventures. Other features include voice control, one-touch live streaming, an LCD color touchscreen at it rear, as well as 3-axis image stabilization, just to name a few.

Adam Howarth, General Manager of Garmin Australasia, stated the following about the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30: “One of the best things about the VIRB Ultra 30 is how easy it is to use, you can actually tell the camera to start and stop recording. Whether you’re an action guru or novice, the ready-to-use VIRB Ultra 30 will simplify the way video is captured, edited and shared.”

It is able to shoot 4K UHD videos at 30-frames-per-second, but if you want to shoot to as much as 240-frames-per-second, then you would have to dial the resolution of the recorded videos down. Nevertheless, shooting videos with the action camera is complemented by its ability to capture sharp images with the use of its 12-megapixel imaging sensor. Additionally, the 3-axis image stabilization feature does its job pretty well, and the company claims that users will have really stable footage regardless of terrain.

The VIRB Ultra 30 4k Action Camera by Garmin makes use of one microSD card for saving your videos, and it also has a highly sensitive microphone that will record every moment with clear audio. Its LCD touchscreen is also quite easy to use, and it is designed to work with the camera’s waterproof case as well. Speaking of the waterproof case, it also features a water-repellant, anti-glare coated lens in order to videos without damaging the quality, even when shooting underwater.


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Garmin – Introduces the VIRB Ultra 30 4K Action Camera
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