Garmin Vivomove Review – A Fitness Tracker in Disguise

If you look at the Garmin Vivomove, you would mistake it for an ordinary yet luxurious wristwatch. However, this is a fitness tracker in disguise, and it is designed for those who are looking for devices to match their more discerning aesthetic tastes. But before anything else, it is, visually speaking, a watch first and an activity tracker second. Hence, unlike other fitness trackers out there that stick out like a sore thumb, this doesn’t. In fact, you can even wear it after you’ve worked out from the gym and with you proceeding to an evening gala. It’s that inconspicuous.

Garmin Vivomove Review - A Fitness Tracker in Disguise

The Garmin Vivomove is a Watch First and Fitness Tracker Second

The Garmin Vivomove comes with a very elegant design, but it does come certain restrictions. Since it places fashion as its primary aspect, it can only do basic step counting and sleep tracking. Hence, even though this is advertised as a fitness tracker, it is primarily a watch. Therefore, those who are looking for more comprehensive fitness tracking features should look elsewhere. However, what it does boast is a year-long battery, not to mention that it really looks good.

And when you say that it looks good, it might even be an understatement. Interested purchasers can even acquire one by selecting from an array of style variants. There’s the entry-level Sport model that is available in black or white, and it has an accompanying silicone sport band. Then there’s the Classic, which is once again available in black or white, but instead of a Silicone strap it now has a leather strap. The Classic white model also has a rose-gold bezel surrounding the watch’s face. Lastly, there is a top-of-the-line Premium variant. The Premium model is offered with a choice of either a gold-tone steel finish with a white watch face and leather band, or a stainless steel finish with a black watch face and leather band.

The Vivomove makes use of the same Connect app, and this mobile application can be used with all of the brand’s trackers. Despite it having the ability to track only a few activities, even fewer than that of the 735XT, the entire app experience is just confusing because the interface is the same.

Nevertheless, the Garmin Vivomove has a breadth of information and data tucked away into its premium looks, the only problem is that they are hard to find. When you do some digging around, you will find useful seven-day and month-long overviews of certain activities. Overall, this is a solid choice for those looking for a premium yet basic offering when it comes to activity tracking, it’s just a bit of a disappointment that it can only do the very basics of fitness tracking.


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Garmin Vivomove Review – A Fitness Tracker in Disguise
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