GE Reveal BR30 LED Review – Clearly a Best Buy

At first glance, the GE Reveal BR30 LED might look like an ordinary LED bulb. There’s nothing fancy going on with its design, but then again, and to be fair, just about every light bulb on the market, even smart ones. But what it does give you is an exceptional performance when it comes to dimmer switches, and its design actually serves a purpose – it manages heat better than the rest of the competition. And perhaps one of the best traits about this particular LED bulb is its price tag, because it is clearly lesser than many of its competitors within the same category.

GE Reveal BR30 LED Review - Clearly a Best Buy

The GE Reveal BR30 LED Promotes a Functional Design

As mentioned earlier, the GE Reveal BR30 LED won’t win any awards when it comes to design; well, in terms of the fashionable category anyway. It looks unappealing for some, mainly because it has the same silhouette as the many existing floodlights on the market. There’s just a blue band near the base of the bulb, but this is already nothing new when you’ve seen the standard BR30 LED.

Speaking of all other BR30 LEDs, the Reveal BR30 LED is designed to spread light in one direction only. There are omnidirectional lights on the market, such as the A19 shaped bulbs, but this design choice makes it ideal for recessed lighting setups. It is also great for overhead track lighting.

Comparing this LED bulb with other GE Reveal bulbs, it sets itself apart from the rest of the group because it focuses on color quality rather than brightness. It dishes out excess yellow tones, and because of this, it will make the colors inside your home look more vivid and even more accurate to the human eye.

As mentioned earlier, the added color quality comes with the expense of brightness, but it doesn’t mean that GE didn’t think of a way to compensate this shortcoming. Hence, this LED bulb is made with a higher wattage in order to get the brightness back up to where it should be. While it is slightly less efficient than other LEDs, it does make up for the loss of brightness.

Now if you’re wondering as to how the GE Reveal BR30 LED works with a dimmer switch, you couldn’t be any happier. Other BR30 LEDs would flicker a lot when paired with a dimmer switch, but in the case of the Reveal, it doesn’t happen. Clearly, this is a best buy among the entire product line, or even when comparing it with other similar LED bulbs on the market.


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