GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker Review – Little Speaker, Big Sound

The market is already literally teeming with portable Bluetooth speakers, and that being said, where does the GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker stand out? For one, it looks sleeker than most, and it offers an elegant design. However, you would be mistaken if you think this speaker is all about the fashion as it is also able to dish out incredible sound. And what’s most surprising about it is that it is placed in a relatively low price point. You can even connect the device through Wi-Fi so you’re not totally dependent on Bluetooth. You can also stream music directly from DLNA sources or from cloud-based services such as those of Spotify or Pandora.

GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker Review - Little Speaker, Big Sound

The GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker is an Elegant Looking Unit Found at a Reasonable Price Point

Those interested in purchasing the GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker, do note there are three color variations available for you to choose from: ice blue, dark gray, or pearl white. Its design choice is that of a simple-looking minimalistic offering. Then there’s also the addition of a bright LED clock that adorns its metal front, which is a feature that is not often seen from most portable speakers out on the market. Speaking of its clock, it only display the 24-hour, military-style alarm clock. While there are some who would deem it as an odd choice, it does take some getting used to, especially if you’re more attuned to the 12-hour style.

But the 24-hour clock is but only a minor quibble, as what you’re going to get with the E3 Wireless Smart Speaker, aside from its beautiful looks, is an audio performance that sounds sublime. Furthermore, the sound is distortion free even when playing tracks at high volumes. Regardless of style, may it be the hardcore metal sounds of Metallica or the soothing voice of Adele, the nuances being delivered all remain intact. Ultimately, it offers a clear, crisp sound.

Even though the GGMM E3 Wireless Smart Speaker is highly portable, and it doesn’t even weigh too much, it’s not a device that you can listen on-the-go. It has no other alternative source of power so you would have to find a wall socket to power it up. Hence, it cannot be brought on a camping trip unless you bring a separate source of power wherein you can plug this thing in. At its price point, you would immediately know that there were some corners that were cut, but it is still a bit of a disappointment that there are no batteries on this one.


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