Ghost Detector Gadgets

Do you want to hunt some ghost and uncover some paranormal activities? Well, if you want to do it you need to be prepare and you need to have a real ghost detector gadgets. Bellow are list of gadgets to hunt ghosts.

Thermal Cameras - Ghost Detector GadgetsThermal Cameras
For cashed-up phantom detectives, thermal cameras help visualize temperature changes in the surroundings, supplying maps of hot and cool surfaces – not seen by a standard camcorder.

Edi Meter - Ghost Detector GadgetsEdi Meter
A modern multipurpose machine, normally featuring an electromagnetic field detector (EMF) to quantify fluctuations in magnetic waves. Some theorize phantoms are really the electric energy of the dead.

Geiger Counter - Ghost Detector GadgetsGeiger Counter
Ghost hunters assert that surrounding radiation increases or declines at places where ghosts are present, and this device will record any changes. Old school, but enduringly popular since the 1970s.

Probe Thermometer - Ghost Detector GadgetsProbe Thermometer
The atmosphere temperature purportedly changes in the existence of things, and a probe thermometer, with a little pole to record ambient temperature (the atmosphere surrounding the device), is designed to alarm users.

…with these ghost detector gadgets, ghost are no were to hide.


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Ghost Detector Gadgets
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