Ghostbot – Stay Away From Creepy Texts

Thanks to Burner, they have developed an application called Ghostbot that will allow users to create and even destroy phone numbers at leisure. What does this mean? It means that you can stay away from creepy texts from, well, creepy people so that you don’t have to pay them no heed ever again. It is made for people who are being constantly and unwittingly harassed through annoying text messages from someone who has somehow taken a hold of your number. The app will allow you to put together an array of noncommittal replies so that these conversations will halt and won’t bother you anymore.

Ghostbot - Stay Away From Creepy Texts

Creeps Should be Warned of Ghostbot

Ghostbot is an mobile application from Burner, and it is designed to do away with pesky texters without you having to put on the extra effort. As its name sounds, it is a special bot wherein you can assign to any active Burner. If you’re worried that the app is difficult to use, then don’t be as it is quite simple to use. It is as simple as creating a number using the app itself. After which you would have to activate the application in order to interact with those people who are up to no good over at Tinder, or that co-worker from the office that just can’t take a hint that you don’t like them one bit.

What the Ghostbot app does, for instance, is when a message that will ask you if you want to “hang out” and you can automatically let the application respond with something like “I’m pretty busy but I’ll get back to you.” This is absolutely a perfectly reasonable response, but the beauty of this application is that you can create the responses you want.

For instance, say someone who somehow got a hold of your phone number started texting you and begins harassing you as they liked your TInder or Facebook profile picture. You can then activate the application and it will start to give out canned responses to the person’s text messages. These can be polite enough like saying “I’m busy at the moment,” to something that’s low-key rude like “See you never.”

Burner is delivering Ghostbot as proof of what developers are able to accomplish when using its Developer Connection platform. This allows anyone to create their own extensions on top of the Burner service. The application is an interesting creation and it will surely be a useful tool for anyone who is constantly being harassed by annoying text messages.


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