Google – Acquires Kifi for Spaces

Even though the details are still a bit blurry at the time of writing, but Google, the well-known Internet and tech company, had just recently purchased Kifi in order to desperately try and make its group platform dubbed Spaces to happen. While this might be for the benefit of the firm known for its search engine, loyal users of Kifi are found to be not amused by the move.

Google - Acquires Kifi for Spaces

Google Purchased Kifi to Desperately Try and Make Spaces Happen

The person behind Google Spaces Eddy Kessler recently announced that Kifi will be joining the Spaces team in order to build features that will improve the platform. He made the announcement on his Google+ account. To confirm this announcement, Kifi posted an article about the acquisition on its website, making everything about it official.

It should be noted that the Google Spaces social media-based platform was launched back on May 16th of this year. However, almost four months down the road and the application is still a total ghost town. Hence, many would deem its marketing strategies and tactics a huge failure. As a matter of fact, the tech and Internet giant has already tried to make its own social media platform in hopes of making a killing in the sector, but with little to no success.

In contrast, Kifi has now managed to create a group environment wherein companies were able to share information among each other in a simple and organized format. The app started as an internal program, but then it went on to become public a couple of years ago. Since then, the application has already garnered commercial success. There is now quite the large group of loyal followers ever since it went public, and it would seem its users are not happy with the recent announcement.

One of the reasons as to why Kifi’s loyal users are not happy about the announcement pertaining to the application being acquired by Google is because everything came out of the blue. Furthermore, there are a lot of things that haven’t been explained clearly and there are only a couple of hints dictated in official statements. For instance, Kessler stated that the team from Kifi was going to join Spaces, and he did not specify the nature of the collaboration. However, he did close his message by saying “Welcome aboard,” which could mean the Internet giant made a full purchase. The nails in the coffin is perhaps the thank you and “so long” message found in the article posted by Kifi.


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Google – Acquires Kifi for Spaces
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