Google – Automated Cars Now Understand Cyclists

Cyclists who once feared the Google self-driving car can now rest easy as it is now able to understand human drivers to make the road a lot safer for both parties. The company known for its popular search engine has already taught its autonomous vehicles to recognize a cyclist’s hand signals, as well as being able to understand their sometimes unpredictable riding patterns. Thanks to a number of cyclists that are already found in the tech firm’s engineering team, its cars are now able to behave a whole lot better than your typical American driver when encountering a more vulnerable human being on the road.

Google - Automated Cars Now Understand Cyclists

Google Teaches Its Self-Driving Cars to Behave More on the Road

According to the June monthly report of Google with regards to its self-driving car project, it states the following: “Cyclists are fast and agile—sometimes moving as quickly as cars—but that also means that it’s hard for others to anticipate their movements. Our cars recognize cyclists as unique users of the road, and are taught to drive conservatively around them.”

There are a bunch of new features and behaviors of the Google car to deploy whenever it will meet a cyclist on the road. The vehicle is now able to understand hand signals, therefore if you’re a cyclist and you do meet the self-driving car on the road, it will be able to know when you’re about to swing out into the road to make a turn. Well, that is provided that you do use hand signals, but then again if you don’t and an accident occurs, then that would be perhaps your fault.

The company has already trained its cars on test tracks, and the vehicles were able to track and find the signals brought about by cyclists that are even located far ahead of a turn. Hence, the cars are trained to remember the signal when making the next intersection.

This does seem radical, but it is only natural for Google to place such features because cars are usually the bullies of the road, especially when encountering more vulnerable riders. It should be noted that a bicycle has ever right to the road as a car, and you would not normally see a car trying to squeeze past another car found in the same lane. In other words, the autonomous vehicle is now able to tread cyclists as equals. If you’re a cyclist, then you’re probably delighted by this idea.


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Google – Automated Cars Now Understand Cyclists
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