Google Chrome – How to Reopen a Closed Tab

It happens to the most of us, when you’re browsing multiple tabs (or just even one) in Google Chrome and you accidentally close it. So what do you do? Will you retype the URL in the address bar and start from scratch? Or will you head to a search engine and try to look for that website once more. Either way, these two options are a tad more tedious than just reopening the closed tab. Like in Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and even in Internet Explorer, Google’s browser has its own feature wherein you could just reopen a newly closed tab. This is perfect for when you move the mouse cursor around and suddenly click on that small X icon at the tab.

Google Chrome - How to Reopen a Closed Tab

Reopening a Closed Tab in Google Chrome

Step 1 – In order to reopen a closed tab in Google Chrome, there are a number of ways for you to do that. The first one is to do a right click on the tab bar and a menu will pop out. In the menu, there will be an option that will be so crystal clear that you can’t miss it as it says “Reopen closed tab.”

Step 2 – There is another option for you to reopen a closed tab in Chrome, and this path is what many would prefer over right clicking on the tab bar. You can use your keyboard to reopen a closed tab. To do it, all you have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + T.

Step 3 – Not the avid web surfer or you don’t use that one computer too often and you want to reopen a closed tab that was there a week ago? Then fear not as there is still a way. Open up the web browser then click on the three horizontal bars found at the upper right corner of the application’s window. Hover your mouse over to History and then select the “Recently closed” menu item that pops out. Here, select the option that says “X tabs” (i.e. 2 tabs) and it will open that many recently closed tabs within a new browser window.

Step 4 – But what if you want to check out a website that’s not recently closed but you know you’ve visited it quite recently while browsing the Internet using Google Chrome? If that’s the case, then you might have to dig around your web browsing history a bit. However, things can be simplified if you know a keyword within the website’s title and search it in the search box in your browser history.


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Google Chrome – How to Reopen a Closed Tab
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