Google Daydream View Review – VR Without the Expense

When you’ve heard that virtual reality headsets are going to be a thing again in the tech industry, you might immediately think that they would cost a ton of money, but perhaps the Google Daydream View is a more pleasing option for the budget-conscious individual. Just recently, the Internet and technology giant has announced this virtual reality headset, and it provides the kind of premium offering that many VR headsets can offer, sans the immense price tag. Furthermore, and unlike the likes of the Samsung Gear VR wherein you need a compatible Galaxy phone for it to operate, Google’s virtual reality headset only requires you to have a compatible Android phone, which is a broader category.

Google Daydream View Review - VR Without the Expense

The Google Daydream View Let’s You Experience Virtual Reality, Without Spending an Arm and a Leg

For the design of the Google Daydream View, let’s start with its size, and with that regard, it is roughly the same as that of the typical mobile virtual reality headset. However, what immediately sets this model apart from the rest is its distinctive fabric layer. Hence, it gives an entirely new meaning to the brand’s “Material Design.” The material for the headset is immensely likeable, and it is also quite lightweight, which is great so that you don’t have to worry about the weight of the headset wearing down your head.

You can find 1 elastic band at the back of the Daydream View and it is quite comfortable to wear and is also decently steady. Also, the design of the elastic band is made in such a way that it won’t mess up your hair, which leaves your beautiful locks just as pretty as to before you wore the headset. No unsightly mohawks included when wearing this virtual reality headset.

The package also includes a hand-washable facepad, which is for when your first thought upon seeing the fabric design is that you might get it dirty. The Internet giant also promises that it will fit and work with most sizes and shapes of eyeglasses.

One of the best news that you might want to hear about the Google Daydream View is that it will have its own Google Play Store, and it will have all sorts of 360-degree content such as movies, photos, games, and so much more. The experience, however, is practically the same as many mobile virtual headsets. However, at its price point, you won’t be complaining that much.


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Google Daydream View Review – VR Without the Expense
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