Google Docs – How to Convert PDFs Into Google Documents

Perhaps you’ve already known how to create and even edit in documents within Google Docs, but there are those, and perhaps even including you, who doesn’t know that you can edit more files than just those coming from Microsoft Word. Google Drive also has the ability to convert PDF files and images into text. What’s more, and unlike what Adobe Reader can handle, is that you can even edit them.

Google Docs - How to Convert PDFs Into Google Documents

Converting and Editing PDFs in Google Docs

Step 1 – The first thing to do is to your PDF into an editable text file in Google Docs. Head to your Google Drive account, and once the page properly loads, drag the PDF file you want to be converted into the browser window. When properly done, there will be a dialog box that will appear at the lower right-hand corner of the screen telling you the progress of the upload and when the upload has been completed. Once done, you can click on the large “X” on the dialog box to close it.

Step 2 – Once your PDF file appears on the list, right-click on it and select Open With, and the Google Docs. Your file will then be converted into a Google Doc format wherein it contains editable text. However, you should be able to notice that there is still the original file with the .pdf format found within your Google Drive account, and there are two new files with the same name on it.

Step 3 – This is because whenever you’re converting PDFs into Google Documents, the service makes a copy of the original file instead of deleting and replacing it. This is great as it will make occurrences of mistakes less chances to take place. The difference between the two files will immediately be known because of their icons. The PDF file that can be editable has a document-like icon, whereas the original file will still have the PDF icon right beside it.

Step 4 – With your file editable, you can then proceed by converting it into a Microsoft Word file, or you can continue working on it within Google Docs itself. But what if you’re converting a PDF file with an image on it? The process is the same way, however, do take note that the results of PDFs with images are generally not as good as when you’re converting PDF files that are primarily made up of text.


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Google Docs – How to Convert PDFs Into Google Documents
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