Google Drive – How to Edit Microsoft Office Files

Even though Microsoft Office is widely used as a creator and editor for various types of documents, it can be a hassle to edit them outside of Google Drive. After all, you would have to download them, edit them in their respective software (i.e. Microsoft Word), then re-upload them back into your cloud storage. All of these steps go for extra seconds, or even minutes of your precious times. Therefore, why not just edit the documents within Drive to save you the time and effort?

Google Drive - How to Edit Microsoft Office Files

Editing Microsoft Office Files in Google Drive

Step 1 – Before you can start editing your Microsoft Office files in Google Drive, there are some preparatory steps that need to be done. To start, if the file that you want to edit and share is still in your computer’s hard disk, then you can easily upload them and open them for editing with the use of a Chrome extension. Search for the “Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides extension” and it to the web browser.

Step 2 – Once the extension has been properly installed, drag the Office file into the Google Chrome window. To make sure, don’t just drag and release the file immediately as it might cause some complications. Therefore, hold onto the mouse button until a copy icon will show. If it’s the first time you did this, there will be a dialog box that will display once the action is complete. Click on “Got it” to close the new window and you won’t be bothered by it ever again.

Step 3 – The document will then be uploaded into your Google Drive account and will be opened in the current tab.  Hence, if you don’t want to overwrite anything that’s on the current tab in the browser, make sure that you do these actions in a new tab.

There are a limited number of features that you can use to edit the file in this particular cloud service, but at least it’s better than nothing. What you can do, however, is to convert the document into a Google document to extend the number of available features even further.

Step 4 – Even when the document is made into a Google Document, Google Drive still has an option to download the file as an Office file. You can also download the file as an OpenDocument Format (.odt), a Rich Text Format (.rtf), a Plain Text (.txt), or even as a PDF Document (.pdf) among file formats.


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Google Drive – How to Edit Microsoft Office Files
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