Google Fiber – Could go Wireless for Chicago and LA Launches

Google Fiber is already known for giving ultra high speed Internet connections across selected areas. Recently, it has come to a startling realization that citywide fiber networks can really punch a hole in the Internet firm’s wallets, not to mention its bank accounts. Furthermore, it is very time consuming to install. Hence, despite its name, it is reported that it will be looking at another option with regards to delivering Internet connectivity – wireless.

Google Fiber - Could go Wireless for Chicago and LA Launches

Google Fiber Looking to Get Into Wireless Technology Due to High Construction Costs, Among Other Reasons

Google Fiber, instead of taking their usual route of installing fiber networks, they intend to set up wireless transmitters that will be found throughout major cities around the United States. It also plans to use them to deliver residential Internet connection, according to The Wall Street Journal. Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles are reportedly on the list of regions wherein the firm’s wireless ultra-high speed Internet connection will be installed. The company is reported to have current plans to reach about a dozen new cities to add to their list in total.

It is also possible that the rollout of Google Fiber’s wireless Internet connection will ultimately be in a much larger scale. There have been regulatory filings that have been recently revealed that the firm is looking to test the wireless transmitters in 24 locations around the US. However, it is still unclear if this wireless service would offer the same speeds as its wired gigabit counterpart. It is, nonetheless, looking to test its wireless service at frequencies that are a bit higher than the speeds of a traditional Wi-Fi connection. Eric Schmidt, Alphabet chairman, has suggested that Fiber would be able to use ma much faster millimeter wave technology.

As it shifts its focus towards wireless technologies, Google Fiber is seen to be speeding up its rollout of its Internet services while being able to cut costs in the process. There is one clue wherein people would be able to get a hint as to what the service would look like, and it comes in the form of Webpass, which is an Internet provider that the Fiber has bought back in June of this year. Webpass delivers gigabit Internet connection wirelessly, and it is already available in 10 cities around the United States, which include Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. Google told the Financial Times that “the project is in early stages today, but we hope this technology can one day help deliver more abundant Internet access to consumers.”


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