Google Home Review – The Assistant, Now in Your Living Room

When the Google Assistant was announced to the world, it was big news from the Internet giant’s I/O conference, and now you can get that smart assistant right inside your own home with the Google Home. Right off the bat, it is obvious where the inspiration of the device lie – the Amazon Echo. There are many similar features shared across both devices, but the main difference here is that Google’s product is able to get in touch with the company’s massive database. This include the data it knows from its millions of users, which could ultimately mean to make it a pretty useful product. However, at the time of writing, it doesn’t quite deliver what has been promised just yet.

Google Home Review - The Assistant, Now in Your Living Room

The Google Home is Not That Personalized, Yet

The Google Assistant can already be found in your smartphones, and even perhaps inside your computer, but they don’t dwell much in terms of the design of the Google Home. It should be noted that it looks inoffensive and unobtrusive, and it can practically blend it with just about any home décor. It is small and quite pleasant to look at, and it even has some customization options that will allow you to blend it a little bit better within your living space.

Just like the Internet giant’s OnHub routers, Home is that of a contoured cylinder that might primarily remind your of a wine bottle just waiting to be opened, or that of a flower vase sans the flowers. Its front area is sloped so that you will be able to see the LEDs that will light up whenever you’re talking to it. Otherwise, you can also tap on said front panel to pause music, or you can also run your finger in a circular pattern to adjust the volume. Aside from these commands, you can also hold your finger onto the front panel to make it listen to your voice from that point, just in case you don’t want to shout “OK, Google” from across the room.

There are a bunch of things that you can do with Google Home, even though it is clear that it is still within its early stages. You can ask it things about the current weather, or will it rain on the weekend. What’s great about it is that it will remember the context of your previous question. So for example, you might ask, “OK Google, what are the current weather conditions?” then follow up with, “OK Google, how about this Saturday?” But the thing is, its usefulness is quite limited at this time because the number of things you can ask it are still pretty small in number. Hence, at the time of writing, it is more of a toy than an actual household assistant.


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