Google – How to Access Advanced Searching Techniques

Google is known as the world’s most popular search engine; but did you know that there are a lot of Easter Eggs hidden underneath its exteriors? For example, did you know that you can do currency conversion straight from the search results? Such a feature is incredibly useful since it can save you a ton of time in trying to access another website that has practically the same feature.

Google - How to Access Advanced Searching Techniques

Accessing Hidden Features in Google

To start, did you know that you can immediately filter out a Google search to one particular website? For example, say you’re searching for a specific video in YouTube but don’t want to go to the video streaming website as you’re already in the search engine. What you need to do is to type “ <keywords>,” without the quotes. When the search results come up, the URLs will only be from Youtube and nothing else.

The search engine can also be used as your very own calculator. Just type in any basic arithmetic equation into the Google search bar and it will come up with the result of the problem. Furthermore, it will also give you an interactive calculator. So if you want to expand your answer even further, or if you want to do a new calculation, you can immediately do so without having to resort by going back to the search bar.

Aside from doing calculations, currency conversions, and filtering websites, you can also acquire definitions straight from the search engine. To do this, type “define:<keyword>” without the quotes within the search bar. As a basic example, if you want to know the definition of the word video, then type define:video in the search box.

The world famous search engine is also useful as a spell checker. For example, say you forgot how to spell the word “accommodate” because of whatever reason. Just type the misspelled word in the search box, and at the very top of the search result it will try and ask you if you meant the correct spelling of the word. In our example, say you typed in acomodate in the search box. When you hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon, at the top of the search result it will say “Did you mean: accommodate?”

For the last item on this list, you can also do a reverse image search in Google. To do this, go to and then upload or place a photo in the search box. The search engine will come up with results that are exact and highly similar images to the one that you placed on the search box.


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