Google – Improves Chromebook With New Security Features

Security is a big issue in just about every industry you can possibly think of, and that notion is very apparent towards the tech sector; with this in mind, Internet and tech firm Google has recently improved its Chromebook with new features concerning security. Even though such a device is not generally considered to have flaws in security and privacy, it doesn’t mean that developers should not give a blind eye towards it, and this is what the bright minds over at the company known for their popular search engine did.

Google - Improves Chromebook With New Security Features

Google Chromebook Gets Beefier Security

The latest Chrome Dev update by Google, which has recently been rolled out, adds the option for users to secure the laptop with the use of a few simple keystrokes. Furthermore, in order to unlock the device, users would need to use a PIN code. This new “Quick Lock” feature is not unlike what Windows 10 machines has been able to offer for quite some time now.

This information comes directly from the company’s own François Beaufort of whom recently disclosed this “Quick Lock” feature can be activated by using a Chrome flag. The flag in question is that of “chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin” without the quotes. This can be done on a Google Chromebook that is running on the latest version of the Chrome operating system Dev update.

Once the update has been done, users would need to restart their device, and then navigate towards the Chrome Material Design settings menu. Then, they should clock on the Screen Lock option to find and set up a Lock Screen PIN found on the Chrome OS laptop. After everything has been done, users would be able to lock the device with the use of the Magnifying Glass + L keyboard shortcut, and then unlocking it with the preferred PIN code.

It has also been revealed by Beaufort that this Quick Lock feature will soon make its way towards the standard Chrome settings page. However, it was not specified as to how “soon” this rollout will take place. Since the Chrome operating system is open source, this means that users will be able to review the code. This makes the Quick Lock functionality possible on

If you’re already a prime Windows 10 user, then this new security feature that Google developed for their Chrome laptops would not be that new to you. This is because the same feature is found in just about every latest iteration of the Windows 10 operating system since last year.


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