Google Keyboard – How to Change Sounds and Vibrations

If you’re smartphone is running on an Android operating system, then chances are you’re using the Google keyboard for typing text throughout multiple apps. For many, the tactile feedback that they feel from their keyboard is crucial as it tells the user that they actually typed in something. This would then prevent you from unnecessarily hitting the backspace over and over again. But for some, the sounds are just enough and would want to turn off the vibration when chatting with the keyboard. If you want to learn how to change the sounds and vibrations from the keyboard, then read on.

Google Keyboard - How to Change Sounds and Vibrations

Learn How to Change the Vibrations and Sounds From the Google Keyboard

Just like with everything else, you would have to journey into the Settings menu for the Google Keyboard. You can get there by going to your phone’s Settings menu then selecting Language & input. From there, you will see the keyboard’s settings. Tap on the cog icon to change the settings for the keyboard. As an alternative, you can also hold the icon just to the left of the spacebar for a few seconds and the settings menu for the keyboard should show up.

There should be a short menu that will show up and you should tap on the Google Keyboard settings to continue further. In the new menu, everything that you want to change, in this case are the sounds and vibrations, can be found under Preferences. For the sound options, it is approximately three-quarters of the way down the menu. This option is, by default, disabled. Therefore, should you want to have sounds on each keypress, then you can toggle the switch to turn on the audio for the keyboard.

Furthermore, once the Sound on keypress option has been enabled, you now have the option to change its volume. At first, it will be set to System default, but you can use the slider to tweak the volume to your desired output.

For the vibration settings on the Google Keyboard, it essentially works the same way. The Vibrate on keypress option can be found just below the Volume on keypress portion of the menu. If you don’t like your phone to vibrate every time you hit a keyboard key, then just turn the option off. However, if you want it to stay on, but want to adjust the intensity of the vibration, then you can use the slider to adjust that.


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Google Keyboard – How to Change Sounds and Vibrations
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