Google – Opening Faster Data Pipe to Japan

Google, known for its highly popular search engine, is also a maker of various types of technology and the firm also brings ultra high-speed Internet connectivity to certain areas around the United States. The company recently announced about its latest investment with regards to long-haul undersea fiber optic cabling. They have dubbed it the “Faster Cable System,” in which it is claimed to be the highest-capacity undersea cable built to-date. It is said to be able to provide 60-Tbps (terabits per second) bandwidth between the United States all the way to Japan.

Google - Opening Faster Data Pipe to Japan

Google Connects the United States and Japan by Way of the “Faster Cable System”

The Faster Cable System of Google  is said to be 10-million times faster than your average cable modem, as per the tech firm. The company is one of the six members of the Faster Consortium, in which it had already announced the development and the existence of the aforementioned cable back in 2014. Only the search engine giant has sole access to the pair of 100Gb/s x 100 wavelength optical transmission strands that run from Oregon to mainland Japan. One of these optical transmission strands is utilized for sending data, whereas the other is being used for receiving. The total investment that has been spent on the Faster Cable System is allegedly approximated at US$300-million.

The cable system will be used to support Google users, which does include Google Apps and Cloud Platform customers, according to Alan Chin-Lun Cheung of the company’s submarine networking infrastructure group. The tech firm will have access to up to 10-Tbps of the cable’s total capacity. It will be able to utilize the bandwidth in order to support the company’s newly announced Google Cloud Platform East region, which is located in Tokyo and is set to be launched this year. The dedicated bandwidth from the Faster cable will be able to ensure the deliverance of faster data transfers, as well as reduced latency, for GCP customers across the globe.

The Faster Cable System of Google is one of the firm’s latest efforts to develop the global Internet infrastructure even further. It’s investment towards undersea cable system started in the year 2008, as it provided a 7.68-Tb trans-Pacific Unity cable that went online on the year 2010. Now with the Faster system, the company now has a total of four undersea cables. Furthermore, it is reported that the tech firm plans to develop even more in the future.


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