Google Photos – How to Add a Shortcut to the Android Camera App

For many Android users, Google Photos is the best photo management app in the entire Play Store. There are also a lot of Android devices that automatically get the app upon purchase. Why is it so important for many? Because it is very intuitive to use, and it even has a bunch of user-friendly features. And perhaps the best part is that it can automatically back up your photos and videos to your personal cloud storage. However, the thing with non-stock Android phones is that the stock Gallery app can sometimes get in the way into what could otherwise be a highly intuitive experience. But don’t worry, as you can change the app as to what the built-in camera app uses to open in order to preview your images. To do this, you can add a quick link to Google’s Photos app directly into the Android Camera app. Read on to know how to do it.

Google Photos - How to Add a Shortcut to the Android Camera App

Adding a Shortcut of Google Photos to the Android Camera App

Step 1 – The process of adding the Google Photos shortcut link to the Android Camera app is pretty simple, nor will it take you a really long time to do it. Start by opening up the Photos app, and then open up the menu by sliding from the left side and letting your finger slide to the right. Alternatively, you can just give the three lines found in the top left corner of the screen a good single tap. Now, when the menu shows up, scroll down until you see “Settings” and give that a tap.

Step 2 – The Settings menu should appear, and as you scroll down the Google Photos app Settings menu, you should be able to see an option that says “Camera shortcut.” Even the description right beneath the menu item explains it as plain as day as it reads “Add a shortcut on your Camera pp that jumps to Google Photos.” You can’t be any more concrete and concise than that. Now, switch the feature on by giving the toggle slider a good tap. You should be able to know that it’s turned on when the slider turns blue.

Step 3 – Now when you head back to the Android Camera app, tapping on the thumbnail icon to preview your images should immediately direct you to the Google Photos application instead of the stock Android Gallery app. You should be able to know that it will lead you to Google’s Photos app because there’s a small icon of said app right below the photo thumbnail.


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Google Photos – How to Add a Shortcut to the Android Camera App
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