Google Pixel Review – Enter the Search Engine Giant’s First Smartphone

If in case you haven’t heard, the Nexus already saw its last days, but with its death comes the Google Pixel. Before, the Internet and technology giant would resort to other manufacturers for the creation of their smartphones, such as Huawei and LG. This time around, we are graced with a smartphone that is made from Google itself.  However, there is a prime difference between the older Google smartphones and this particular model, and it’s not just about the technologies behind it. What’s gravely different is that older handsets by the search engine giant tend to be budget-friendly. This time, however, the phone can burn a hole inside your wallet.

Google Pixel Review - Enter the Search Engine Giant's First Smartphone

The Google Pixel Phone is no Longer Classified as Budget-Friendly

The Google Pixel comes into the market with two variations: one with 32GB and the other with 128GB for its internal storage. Do take note that the latter is more expensive than the former, and the price difference between the two models is no laughing matter either. With its price point, it is in direct competition with the HTC 10, Huawei P9, Samsung Galaxy S7, and even the iPhone 7. Well, to be fair, Google’s phone has a leg up over the competition by “slightly” having a lower price tag.

The Pixel is aimed to give the best of Google and Android in one package. It even comes with new features that have never been seen in an Android phone, which include the Google Assistant and the touted “best in class” camera.

Google’s smartphone enters the market with a 5-inch Full HD display, 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 821 processor, a 12-megapixel rear snapper and a 8-megapixel front camera, as well as a fingerprint scanner. When looking at these on paper, it does look like it is a flagship contender.

Fire up the Google Assistant and you can take advantage of more than what other smart assistants can offer. It is made to be smarter, and more personal, according to Google. It has the potential to learn, and it can let users play games with it, let it tell jokes, or even read you poems. It can also do the usual stuff that a smart assistant can do, such as dial a person’s number for you, send an email or a text message, or set an alarm.

Ultimately, the Google Pixel is a solid smartphone, but it does take in a lot of points from previous Nexus handsets. It now has a heftier price tag, which means that it won’t be as accessible for many as compared to older models. There are features that are quite new, but overall, you might not love everything about it.


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Google Pixel Review – Enter the Search Engine Giant’s First Smartphone
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