Google Pixel XL Review – Pixel’s Larger Sibling Definitely Knows How to Make a Scene

When the Google Pixel XL was announced, along with its smaller sibling the Google Pixel, it held a lot of promise and it was given a lot of praise right off the bat. It promises to have the latest version of Android. Furthermore, since it is made and owned by Google itself, then it is guaranteed that it will always have updates; well, at least until the next version of the phone comes into the market. Users will also be able to take advantage of a top-tier smart assistant that will ultimately rival Apple’s Siri. What makes this new smartphone different from the previous Nexus devices is that it is not targeted for the mid-range nor the budget-friendly market. What is means is that this particular handset, and even its smaller sibling, are placed at a high-end price point. However, it has the features and the hardware specs to justify its price.

Google Pixel XL Review - Pixel's Larger Sibling Definitely Knows How to Make a Scene

The Google Pixel XL is Placed at a High-End Price Point

At first glance, you would be forgiven to mistake the Google Pixel XL for an iPhone 7 Plus. But move further closer in and the differences will become increasingly apparent. It comes with a highly attractive metal body with distinct antenna lines. As for the built-in rear camera, it sits flush at the back of the device. Speaking of the smartphone’s rear, it has a glass panel covering the top half, which is a unique design choice and it also adds a bit of a visual interest. As for color variations, there is a Very Silver model, along with a Really Blue and Quite Black (props to Google for the color names).

For its size, the Pixel XL is similar with other new phablets on the market. It comes with measurements of 6.1 x 3.0 x 0.3-inches for its height, width, and depth. It also has a weight of 5.9-ounces. With its size and weight, you would be hard-pressed to use one-hand when using the device. In fact, just settle with using it with both hands to avoid the difficulty. If you want a Google phone that you can use with one hand, then just opt for the smaller Google Pixel phone.

There are a lot of high-end pleasantries that the Google Pixel XL carries, but perhaps the best thing on offer is its camera. It touts a 12.3-megapixel rear camera that is advertised with the best low-light capabilities to-date, and it would seem that its performance is more than just a farfetched claim. Details in the shadows are definitely better than just about any other smartphone on the market, which is indeed a huge plus.


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Google Pixel XL Review – Pixel’s Larger Sibling Definitely Knows How to Make a Scene
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