Google – Plays With 16GB iPhone With New Ad

Google has been known to be a direct contender to Apple for the mobile market, and just recently, the search engine, Internet, and tech giant is taking jabs on the iPhone as it plays around with the thought that the smartphone’s basic package does not have enough storage space. The firm even wants to help out those “poor iPhone owners” with the use of Google Photos, in which it will upload the photos to a cloud server so that those images won’t take up too much space within the handset.

Google - Plays With 16GB iPhone With New Ad

Google Photos Helps iPhone Users Free up Storage Space

In order to bring the Photos app to the masses, Google has recently published an advertisement about the application’s “Free Up Space” feature. Within the ad, it basically shows the situation wherein the user will be unable to take a photo of a vital moment (like watching your photo jump over a fence and see them fail miserably). The point here is that iPhone users, especially those who own the 16GB version of the smartphone, won’t have enough storage space to store all those moments.

However, it should be noted that Apple will get rid of the 16GB storage option with a slightly higher minimum, in which many do expect it to fall within the lines of a 32GB model, when a newer version of the popular smartphone comes out. Of course, these are just rumors (for now) and should still be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it is not only photos that are giving iPhone users trouble with regards to storage as apps are now increasing in size. Hence, this is where the Google Photos app comes into play.

The Free Up Space feature doesn’t just have great advertisements, but it is also a great service. This service is especially great when it is paired with an unlimited storage so that you can take advantage of “high quality” backups. Why the double quotations? Because the high quality here is just a slightly lower quality than the original file. Of course, it should still be noted that you can backup your photos with the use of the iCloud service. However, this one will let you cough up cash to when you do use up all the storage.

Nevertheless, if you use iCloud or Google Photos, the point here is that we could all need extra storage with the use of the cloud, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an iOS or Android user. Because let’s be honest here, there are plenty of Android users out there that also face this kind of dilemma with regards to their smartphone’s storage.


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