Google – Project Ara Fails

There was a time when Google teased Project Ara, which is a module phone wherein potential owners would be able to switch out modules to fit their needs. When the teaser for the phone was released to the general public, it generated quite the buzz that many were anxiously waiting for it to be released. However, those dreams are just recently shattered as reports broke out that Alphabet, which is the Internet-giant’s parent company, is killing of the modular smartphone project. Still, it is news that is not to be a cause for disdain or for disappointment. This is because of how Alphabet develops their products.

Google - Project Ara Fails

Google’s Project Ara Gets Kicked Into the Curb

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, does not consider the kind of secrecy and privacy that traditional tech companies like Apple have made part of within their own corporate cultures. Hence, they choose to develop products a tad too quickly and publicly, which can then result in numerous flaws. While it is a good move to generate a hype train for a certain product, but there are many firms who could not sustain said train from running for a good long while.

When it comes to Google’s Project Ara, the hype train vanished real quick as more and more beefier, and better performing technologies have risen into the market. To recall, the development of the modular phone started back in 2014. This was when the company known for its popular search engine teamed up with famous smartphone firm Motorola, and along with Phonebloks, in order to make their concept into more than just a dream.

During the time of the idea’s conception, it was meant to become a fully modular phone, and there would even be an ecosystem behind it to support the handset at its fullest. The idea here is that you would have to but a “skeleton” of the phone and then purchase the modules to make a phone to your liking. This way, you wouldn’t be bothered by an underperforming camera, or tinny-sounding speakers, or short battery lives.

However, the reality of the smartphone that was supposed to be brought about by Google, Motorola, and Phonebloks turned out to be different. The development of the modular smartphone continued on for the last two years, and there were even certain breakthroughs that were known to take place for Project Ara. However, and once again, technology crept up to them like an unwanted bug. With high-tech handsets coming into the market, the hype of having a modular phone has gone up in smoke.


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Google – Project Ara Fails
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