Google – Will Kill off Hangouts on Air in September

If you’ve been using Hangouts on Air by Google, then you would have to use YouTube Live starting September, or even as early as now. It is because the Internet and tech giant is going to kill off the streaming service in September of this year. It should still be noted, however, that this live-streaming service was once used by Barack Obama and even Pope Francis. In a new post over at YouTube’s support page, it lays down the specifics with regards to this move. Users of Hangouts on Air would have to handle using YouTube Live with all their live-streaming needs come the 12th of September. That includes the events that were already scheduled for that date as well.

Google - Will Kill off Hangouts on Air in September

Google’s Hangouts on Air Will Stop its Service on the 12th of September

The aforementioned post by Google highlights a walkthrough wherein it states where users will be able to start, schedule, and even control their live streams after the switchover has been made. The Internet firm also states a few certain features of Hangouts on Air that will still be left behind even when the move has already been done. For instance, the Native Q&A feature, in which was a portion of the bedrock of the live-streaming service, is being discontinued, but the company wants live-streamers to use social media, or even that of the Q&A feature of Google Slides to field questions, as well as communicate with viewers, while doing live streams. Other features such as Applause and Showcase will inevitably be discontinued.

It was back in 2012 when Hangouts on Air by Google started, and it added live-streaming and community features to exist within the Hangouts services. There were many who thought the move was shrewd as it came at a time when live-streaming products where a bit more difficult to come by as compared to today. Therefore, the Internet and tech firm had a hard time in promoting it, so they had to have big names such as Barack Obama to perform live broadcasts in which it knows were heavy on questions and answers. The result allowed the service to attract a lot of users, even podcasters.

In 2013, YouTube Live then rolled out, and Google wasted no time in trying to loosely tie the two services together. With YouTube Live, it leveraged YouTube’s infrastructure to increase the device compatibility of Hangouts on Air. Furthermore, it was a place wherein users would be able to store their streams after the broadcast has been made. But in the end, it would seem that YouTube Live was a more fitting place for all of the company’s live-streaming services instead of Hangouts on Air.


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Google – Will Kill off Hangouts on Air in September
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