GoPro – Enter the Karma Drone

GoPro is primarily known for its action cameras and the accessories that go along with it. However, many do think that if the company plans on succeeding even more, they would have to shake up markets. Hence, they now bring us the Karma drone, which is the first quadcopter to be developed and manufactured by the firm primarily known for its action cameras.

GoPro - Enter the Karma Drone

GoPro Announces the Karma Drone

The new Karma drone was introduced to the world along with 2 new action cameras, which are the GoPro Hero 5 Black and the Hero 5 Session. These two new action cameras offers new features, such as voice management commands. As for the drone, it is a compact and foldable quadcopter so that owners would be able to carry it around anywhere. Its compact design is advertised to let users even place it inside their backpacks while being able to deliver the best possible images.

The GoPro Karma will connect to an accompanying app with the use of a Wi-Fi connection, and it is also touted to be extremely user-friendly. Therefore, you might assume that it is extremely easy to fly around. One more interesting element about it is that the device has an image stabilizer feature which can be removed. When it is attached, users are able to generate more stable images, which will undoubtedly create the perfect touch to the video clips being recorded, as compared to having really shaky videos (which might let some viewers experience nausea).

The drone will come packaged with a rechargeable battery in which will allow 20-minutes of flying at a speed of 56-kilometers-per-hour. It should also be noted that it can fly at a maximum altitude of 4,500-meters and can also be controlled at a maximum distance of 1,000-meters. The quadcopter is also compatible with the GoPro media system.

As for the price for the Karma drone from GoPro, it will cost $799 USD without a camera, $999 USD with a camera within the package. But if you have more extra cash to spend, then you might want to spring for a Hero 5 Black within the package. However, with the Hero 5 Black within the package, the drone will cost $1,099 USD. As for the basic package, it will come with the backpack to carry it around on, the aforementioned detachable image stabilizer, and a singlestick called the Karma Grip. Sales for the new drone will start on the 23rd of October.


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