GoPro Hero5 Black Review – The Action Camera That Can Hear You

The GoPro Hero5 Black has been continuously teased for the past few months and those who are fans of the action camera brand finally now has the chance to look at the latest model in all of its glory. It comes into the market in two models: the base variant and the Hero5 Session. The former model is a complete overhaul of its predecessor and is now the flagship camera for the brand, while the latter is a more souped-up version of the original 2015 model. The announcement of the product also comes with the declaration of the company’s first drone, which is the GoPro Karma.

GoPro Hero5 Black Review - The Action Camera That Can Hear You

Just Say the Word and the GoPro Hero5 Black Will Record

There are two major changes that the GoPro Hero5 Black has over the Hero4. First of all, it is now waterproof up to 10-meters without the need of a housing. Hence, with an added casing, it will be able to dive even deeper. Secondly, GoPro has removed the three-button control setup for their latest flagship model in favor of a more touch-capacitive friendly 2-inch screen, as well as a single button that will turn the camera on (which can also be used to start recording). Furthermore, the touch interface has also been updated, and it is now made to be more streamlined than ever before. Hence, you will no longer find yourself endless swiping around just to get to the menu item that you want.

Looking back, one of the more common complaints of GoPro users is because it can easily pick up wind noise. Therefore, if you’re recording and there’s strong wind within the immediate vicinity, you would have to shout towards the camera so that you’re voice can clearly be heard. This time around, well, the problem does persist but wind noise is less prominent that in previous models. The Hero5 Black makes use of three microphones found on the device’s rear, and it will automatically switch between the mics in order to record the best possible audio that it can handle and deliver.

There is also another reason for the microphones, and it adds voice controls into the mix. You can start and stop recordings just by saying the right command. Also, it can automatically tag highlights in your clips by showing deep emotions, and for the most part this feature works really well.

When it comes to video and image quality for the GoPro Hero5 Black, it is still pretty much the same as with previous models. But what’s new is that it now uses a 12-megapixel imaging sensor, and it can shoot photos in RAW format.


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