GoPro Hero5 Session Review – Small but Very Capable

What is the GoPro Hero5 Session? It is the a major upgrade for the action camera company’s tiniest, well, action camera. It is now able to shoot a stabilized 4K video, and video recording is now accompanied with a good variety of viewing modes. However, with all these new features, there is one thing that is pretty obvious that comes with the upgrade – its price. Since it is now made better in just about every way, the price tag gets a bump up as well. Nevertheless, it is still worth the upgrade, as long as you’re okay with no way to replace the battery.

GoPro Hero5 Session Review - Small but Very Capable

The GoPro Hero5 Session Won’t Let You Replace its Battery

The GoPro Hero5 Session is basically the more diminutive alternative to the also new GoPro Hero5 Black, and it does surprisingly share a lot of the top-end specs but is fitted into a more compact frame. This version is a large improvement over last year’s GoPro Hero4 Session which is largely due to a more advanced camera sensor, as well as the addition of video stabilization.

When shooting at 2.7K and 4K resolutions, you would immediately notice that your clips are so much better than shooting them with its predecessor. There are now more field of view choices, and it will fully adapt to your adventurous lifestyle. The small, err… smaller action camera even has wind noise reduction that will make your voice sound better this time around, instead of having to shout all the time when there’s quite a bit of wind going on.

However, all may not be good because of its more compact size as it is not the easiest action camera to use on the market. It has overly simplified controls, and it doesn’t even have a touch capacitive screen. You will only get a tiny LCD screen at its top, and then there’s the fact that you can’t swap out the battery.

Overall, the GoPro Hero5 Session still remains a solid choice for anyone who does want a subtler camera mounted on their body, surfboard, or wherever. You might not have to pay more for a GoPro Hero5 Black, but it is still pretty expensive. Still, the rather large bump in its price tag (in comparison to the GoPro Hero4 Session) is definitely worth it because there’s a major sensor upgrade, along with the fact that it has a large upgrade towards its specs.


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GoPro Hero5 Session Review – Small but Very Capable
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