GoPro – How to Improve Battery Life

GoPro is a brand that is hailed for their excellent action cameras, and as a matter of fact, their line of devices are deemed to be the best on the market as of late. However, most of the brand’s cameras have battery lives that leaves something to be desired. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. Read on to know some workarounds to extend your action camera’s  battery life even further.

GoPro - How to Improve Battery Life

Extending Your GoPro Action Camera’s Battery Life

Step 1 – One of the more basic things that you should do to extend the battery life for your GoPro camera is to update its firmware. Even though you are taking and using the action camera everywhere you go, you might have skipped an update or two. With an old software running the system, it might give quite a load to the performance of the action camera, which can deplete the juice from the battery faster. However, there are some updates that will make that load easier on the shoulders of the camera (so to speak), which does mean a better way it handles its battery.

Step 2 – Another rather obvious step is that turn the camera off when you’re not using it. Even though there are tons of moments that you would want to record or take a picture of, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep the GoPro camera turned on all the time. It does turn on pretty quick so that you won’t have to miss out on those great moments.

Step 3 – Just like with any modern gadgets that has connectivity options, turning off the Wi-Fi feature on the action camera can boost the battery life even further. While it won’t actually extend the battery life for another hour, turning off the Wi-Fi can eke out approximately 10 to 15-minutes of extra recording time, which is already pretty decent.

Step 4 – If you don’t mind much about the picture quality and would just want to record the moment that’s in the now, then you might want to reduce the resolution and/or frame rate of your captured images. Doing so will lessen the load that the camera is experiencing, which would also mean a better way to extend its battery life.

Step 5 – Just like turning the Wi-Fi connection off, turning the LCD off on your GoPro device lets it eke out more juice from its battery. While it is more convenient to use it so that you can get a better view of whatever it is that you’re recording, if you’re mounting it on something and have no immediate visual contact on the screen, then just turn it off.


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