GoPro – Will Sell the Omni VR Rig on August 17

GoPro recently announced that it will open up the sales of its six-camera “Omni” VR rig when the company starts shipping for those who have pre-ordered the units on the 17th of August. The entire package include six Hero 4 Black cameras, a cube-shaped metal housing, and all the software and hardware necessary to film and piece together a 360-degree footage. This is a high-end rig, which means that it is not within easy reach for everyone.

GoPro - Will Sell the Omni VR Rig on August 17

The GoPro Omni VR Rig Will be Shipped Out to Customers Starting the 17th of September

It is not rare to see filmmakers to use rigs such as GoPro’s Omni, but what’s new here is the use of 360-degree image and film capturing capabilities. Furthermore, the brilliant minds over at the San Mateo, California-headquartered company have piece together a system wherein it aligns the cameras in a right manner. Hence, each camera will plug into a central “brain” that will sync each unit at the pixel level. This is not just placing the cameras in a specific manner just to capture a 360-degree footage. With this rig, it will sync the settings of each model so that you only have to hit the shutter on the main camera to start shooting.

The value of the GoPro Omni is not just about the quality of the cameras being used, nor the spherical image that it can create, but these are still a pretty large part of the entire deal. What’s most attractive to filmmakers is the software that would be the brains behind the machine. It all starts with the Omni Importer tool, in which is insanely simple to use to proof and prep the 360-degree footage that you’ve taken.

However, you would still have to place each microSD card out of the GoPro rig into your computer to transfer your files, which is perhaps the greatest annoyance for the entire rig. Still, once you are able to transfer everything into your computer, all you have to do is to open up the program and it will render a stitched-together preview of the entire clip. Furthermore, the application will also allow users to do basic edits on the video such as color correction or stabilization. From this point, and when you’re happy with the results, you can immediately export and share the video towards Internet portals such as YouTube or Facebook. You can even upload them with 2K, 4K, or even 8K version of the footage.


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