Halo 5 – Anvil’s Legacy Detailed

Halo 5 was launched back in 2015, and it was hailed as one of the must-buy games of that year for the Microsoft Xbox One. With the 5th installment of the popular series, never has a Halo game enjoyed so much longevity within the limelight and support in which Microsoft 343 Industries has been putting into the aforementioned title. Ever since it has been released, the tech and gaming firm has promised, and delivered, new features, modes, and maps. And just recently, the release of the new update called Anvil’s Legacy is now hitting games as you’re reading this.

Halo 5 - Anvil's Legacy Detailed

Halo 5: Guardians Starts Receiving Anvil’s Legacy Update

Until June of this year, 343 Industries stayed on a pretty punctual schedule for its updates on Halo 5. Within each month, players would be able to enjoy at least one new map, along with a lot of new REQ Cards to unlock weapons to add to their growing arsenal. After June, the developing studio then took a much-deserved break after it has launched the last major upgrade entitled Warzone Fireflight.

In the Anvil’s Legacy update for Halo 5: Guardians, players would get to enjoy two more new maps. These maps are called Temple and Mercy. As for the latter, it is for Arena players that do want a good mix of both close combat and distance kills. For Temple, it is designed for large-scale battles that only Warzone Assault players can enjoy. Both maps are set on Sanghelios, which is a familiar planet wherein players of the main story arc do get to visit, albeit only briefly. The planet is deserted, and it is only dominated by ancient structures and abandoned temples.

Along with the new map, there are, once again, new REQ Cards. These come in packs for players to purchase or earn throughout the games that have been played within the game’s multiplayer modes. In this new update, there doesn’t seem to be any special REQ Bundles that arrive. However, it does include some new armor pieces and visor options.

Lastly, Halo 5 players who run Windows 10 machines can take advantage of Forge Mode, which is a creation engine wherein other Halo games of the past had. With this feature coming to Guardians, the community brings in a pack of new improvements that other previous Halo games did not have, such as the ability for spawn points and structures to be customized. What’s more, these can be customized at no additional charge.


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Halo 5 – Anvil’s Legacy Detailed
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