Halo 5 – Next Boss Revealed for Next Update

There are many people within the gaming community that are talking about the approach of Halo 5 to the classic Horde mode, Firefight, which is found in older titles. But prior to that new mode coming out to the fifth installment of the game, 343 industries, the developers of the popular first-person shooter (FPS), wants to remind players about the new Warzone mode that still going about. Therefore, and to that end, the developing studio has developed their first ever Warzone exclusive boss.

Halo 5 - Next Boss Revealed in Next Update

Halo 5 Developers Want to Remind Players That the Warzone Mode is Still There

Character designer for Halo 5 Steve Dyck explained the following as part of an interview with Polygon with regards to the process about the new boss that will come to the Warzone mode called the Grunt Goblin: “There are two variants of the Grunt Goblin with different capabilities. Essentially, the backstory of this battle suit is it was built by Grunts for Grunts in what the Grunt designers agreed was the perfect embodiment of agility and lethality. Obviously when you have a Grunt driver or ‘jockey’ controlling this powerful battle suit, results may be unpredictable.”

Nick Ardizzone, writer, explains a bit more about the topic: “We really wanted to make the Goblin jockeys fun, memorable enemies to fight. We made sure to give them lines that show for all the time they spent learning to pilot their Goblins, they spent at just as much honing their cutting insults (‘You’re real bad at fightin’!’) and terrifying threats (‘Gonna smash all your important parts!’)”

It has been found that the Halo 5 Grunt Goblin will be armed with a double-barreled heavy needler which is specifically designed to be an anti-vehicle armament. For its mech suit, it can also unleash a barrage of needler rounds of which that can target eight players at one time, which is great crowd control. Just like the Grunts themselves, the Grunt Goblin has a weakness and that is its backpack module found on its, well, back.

On another note, there’s also a new unit coming with the update for Halo 5 which is called the Wasp. For this one, it can take off and land vertically, and it has created for close-ranged air support. It is equipped with twin rocket launchers, as well as a heavy machine gun, which effectively makes it a flying Warthog. Tim Temmerman, systems designer, said the following with regards to the Wasp: “In fiction, the AV-49 Wasp supplements existing stocks of AV-14 Hornet and AV-22 Sparrowhawk aircraft in UNSC Marine service. It is a close air support VTOL armed with heavy machine guns and twin rocket launchers.”


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