Hawaii – Lava From Most Active Volcano Reaches Ocean

It would be just any other ordinary day in Hawaii, with the exception of red-hot molten lava flowing from the state’s most active volcano. The lava even flowed into the ocean where it cooled and formed new land. The Kilauea Volcano has been seen to erupt almost constantly for over 30 years. However, it was not until 2013 wherein one of its 2000-degree lave flows have made contact with the Pacific ocean. That was also the first time it created new lands found on the island’s southern shore.

Hawaii - Lava From Most Active Volcano Reaches Ocean

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Spewed Lava Into the Pacific, Forming New Lands

Visitors in Hawaii are being warned to keep their distance despite the flow of lava is away from areas with people. The fiery flow of lava, which has been dubbed 61G, poses no threats towards nearby communities, as per the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. People who can see the spectacle should not be go near anywhere near the scenario and think that they could outrun the steady flow of lava into the ocean.

Lava began spewing out of the Hawaiian volcano on the 24th of May, and it has been oozing it across the coastal plains at a rate of approximately 40-yards a day as of late. The lava finger had crossed Hawaii Volcanoes National Park‘s coastal emergency road in approximately 30-minutes on Monday afternoon during the lava flow’s final approach towards the ocean.

There are about 200 or 300 people who did make the 10-mile round-trip hike just to witness the road crossing. These people were able to witness the spectacular event of the plummet of molten lava into the ocean. It is speculated that it is still bound to attract more spectators that go by the hundreds. For those who are up for taking the hike, owner of Lava Ocean Tours Shane Turpin told The Hawaii Tribune Herald that he could bring tourists within his boat to as close as 100-feet where the lava flow meets ocean waters.

Even though the newly created lands, or lava deltas, do look stable when looking at them from a distance, the unconsolidated lava fragments that do support them can slide away from the sea at any unexpected moment, according to a warning from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Even though the streams coming out of the active volcano from Hawaii do look spectacular, it does prove to be much more threatening last year as the flow has reached the town of Pahoa. The only casualty of that event was one home, but it did send many of the town’s residents packing.


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