Hideo Kojima – Worried Death Stranding Would Leak Prior to E3

When Hideo Kojima was introduced during this year’s E3 event, the crowd went wild; and although he only had a few words to say, the crowd continued on applauding his triumphant return to the gaming industry. After the turmoil that he experienced as his long awaited game, Silent Hills, was cancelled, the game developer went on to leave the previous company that he worked with in order to start his very own. Now with Kojima Productions, the videogame designer is set on to begin his new life, and with a new game called Death Stranding.

Hideo Kojima - Worried Death Stranding Would Leak Prior to E3

Hideo Kojima Had to Use a Separate Bathroom During E3 so the Surprise was Going to be Worth it

Hideo Kojima, more specifically that of Kojima Productions, had just recently released the latest episode to HideoTube. In this video clip, it focused on what had transpired during this year’s E3 event. One major point of the discussion was that the designer was very nervous that his upcoming game, Death Stranding, in which stars Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, would leak out into the world even before its release date.

Within the video, Kojima states that E3 announcements tend to leak. Furthermore, his past games are no exception to this thought. However, for Death Stranding, Kojima made a major effort to ensure that all the information regarding the upcoming title will stay under closed doors and sealed with tight lips. Furthermore, you might even be surprised on the lengths that he had to go through in order to keep everything “hush hush.”

“So every single year, there are leaks before E3. No matter how careful we are, in this era, something always makes its way to internet,” Kojima said. “Up until this year, at least half of our stuff had been leaked. And this time around, it was supposed to be a surprise. So we didn’t let more than 5 people at Sony know about it. We kept it extremely secret. We absolutely didn’t want this to be leaked.”

Hideo Kojima even tried to hide the fact that he is going to visit Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016. The video game designer loves to tweet (a lot), but he did not state anything about visiting the event. Furthermore, he even stayed at a hotel that is further away from the event place, in hopes that he would remain undetected from fans that new his face. Even when already inside the event hall, he would have to use a separate bathroom so as not to be noticed by fans who might be lurking around the hallways.


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