HiFiMan Edition S Review – The Best of Both Worlds

The HiFiMan Edition S are mid-range headphones that ditches the lavish pedigree of its brethren as it offers a rather intriguing proposition. It is the only model from the company that uses standard dynamic drivers, and is the only headphone that uses a convertible design with removable plates. With it, users are able to get the advantage of both open and closed back performances.

HiFiMan Edition S Review - The Best of Both Worlds

The HiFiMan Edition S Offers Open and Closed Back Options

The box of the HiFiMan Edition S is a sleek black variant, in which it will open by sliding it from the bottom. When you do, it will reveal the box’s cover that will reveal those oh-so-sexy lines of silver tracking located at the earpieces. When you pull the headphone from its case, however, you may be surprised as the overall package is lighter than what you might initially expect. Most of the device’s exterior is encased in plastic, and the silver trims are actually plastic that are painted in silver rather than actually forged.

Even though its light plastic material, along with the exterior of the Edition S, betrays its lower class status for the rest of the company’s product line, there are thick leatherette pads within the cans that do offer a bit of luxury to them. These are lined with comfortable strips of synthetic velour found on the edges. The unit was originally designed to be an on-ear model (and it is still being categorized as such), it has earpieces that actually fit around most ear sizes with its circumaural style.

Of course, you cannot ignore those removable plates that do easily pop off in order to reveal the back side of the headphone’s 50-millimeter dynamic drivers that are located behind mesh screens. Removing these seems more like popping of the top of a Pringles can. However, the sound really expands in the open position. The caps on the earcups will easily snap back on because of its magnetic plates. However, do beware that unless you want to hear some very uncomfortable clicking sounds, do not put on those covers while listening to music.

As for its sound performance, the best way to describe the audio coming from the HiFiMan Edition S is that it sounds like you’re listening to thunder and lightning. When experiencing the low end, it does give a rich, well-appointed bass. However, the sound is only seldom overbearing and it does hold itself back for just enough that other parts of the audio spectrum do not get drowned out.


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HiFiMan Edition S Review – The Best of Both Worlds
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